Doug Homan

2015 Merceds-Benz Sprinter 3500 Extended High-Roof Passenger Mini-Bus

*Does not include Lagun table, Midea portable A/C, or EcoFlow batteries. They can be included for additional $2,200.
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224k Miles

Low mileage on tires - 12/32" both fronts, 9/32" all 4 rear

Portable A/C unit (Midea Duo 12k BTU) which can run off 15amp 120v plug in power or included 4KW Ecoflow battery power. Battery power can keep the van cool overnight.

EcoFlow batteries can fully charge in a few hours off 120v plug or in several hours while driving from 500 watt inverter.

Rear ladder can carry 2 regular bikes. E-bikes may be too heavy.

Premium window shades for all but 1 side window.

Driver's seat swivel (not installed)

Diagnostic code reader and all manuals

Emission Recall work performed 6/17/2021

Photos and Videos

Service and Parts History

Carfax pulled 9/24/2023


  • It has 224k miles, so you should be a mechanic or have a mechanic.
  • Rear roof A/C is not operable and has had lines evacuated.
  • Driver side window switch is loose but works
  • Cup holder plastic is broken
  • Air conditioner recycle button jammed
  • Rear MB logo broke off but could be glued back on
  • Navigation maps do not work
  • Portable A/C is not powerful enough to overcome full sun hitting van on hot day
  • Rear A/C leaked once in very heavy rain when parked uphill.
  • Manual key unlock does not work (driver and rear doors). Can be an issue if batteries die and remote unlock cannot be used.
  • When not frequently driven and batteries were not fully charged, seemed to have an intermittent issue with ignition taking a few tries to turn over. Issue went away once driven frequently again.

Parts/Repairs since Aug 2021 (see Service and Parts History )

  • EGR pipe replaced
  • A/C blower motor and regulator
  • Rear brake service
  • Replace rear driver wheel studs
  • Replaced alternator
  • Rear wheel sensors replaced
  • Water pump system replaced
  • Replaced left lower front ball joint and tie rods